The relationship between our emotional state and physical wellbeing...

In Chinese Medicine, we learn a lot about how our emotions can affect our physical wellbeing. The mind and body are viewed as one so we learn a lot about the interrelationship between some common emotions and how they can impact our organs in different ways.

Some common emotions can impact their correlating organ and disrupt the flow or impact the function of that specific organ.

The emotions that I have listed by each organ are frequently a sign that that specific organ is out of balance and the physical symptoms associated can then follow.

Through Acupuncture, we are able to support the function of the organ as well as release the emotional aspect that is attached to it.

LUNGS (Metal)

The Lung’s key function is to protect our body against pathogens by supporting our immune system, as well as moving Qi and fluids through our body. The Lung is paired up with the Large Intestine and these organs together, help us ‘let go’ of what no longer serves us- this can be both emotionally and physically.

Emotions associated: sadness, grief, loss

Function: disperse our energy & air around our body, protect our body from sickness, regulates our immune system

Physical imbalances: colds, coughs, shortness of breath, shallow breathing, asthma, allergies

HEART (Fire)

The Heart is the house of our mind, soul and shen. The Heart is responsible for mental function and is in control of our emotional wellbeing. Physically our Heart is in charge of the blood that is pumped around our body to support bodily functions and emotionally the Heart is in charge or love and joy. The Heart is the master of all of the other organs.

Emotions associated: lack of joy, mental restlessness, depression

Function: controls blood vessels, pumps blood around our body, house of spirit (shen), mental function

Physical imbalances: heart palpitations, memory and concentration problems, sleeping troubles

LIVER (Wood)

The Liver is responsible for the free flow of Qi and blood around the body. It is partnered with the Gallbladder due to their close association with detoxification and metabolism. The Liver deals with stress, anger and frustration and when the Liver is imbalanced, you may feel stuck or stagnant due to blood and Qi not moving properly around the body.

Emotions associated: anger, irritability, frustration

Function: movement of blood and energy flow around the body, aids detoxification, stores blood

Physical imbalances: breast/hypochondriac pain, headaches, menstrual pain, PMS, red eyes, headaches, menstrual irregularities

SPLEEN (Earth)

The Spleen is the brain behind our digestive system, paired with the Stomach, these two organs are in charge of transforming and transporting our food and energy. As well as food and fluids, your Spleen and Stomach are also in charge or digesting emotions and thoughts and determining what we no longer need.

Emotions associated: worry, dwelling, overthinking

Function: transportation and transformation of food into energy, digestive function, forms blood and energy

Physical imbalances: change of appetite, fatigue, poor digestion, bloating, diarrhoea, menstrual irregularities


The Kidneys are the power house of the whole body. In Chinese Medicine, our Kidneys are in charge or our adrenal glands, hormone production and reproductive organs. The Kidneys have the ability to store our vital energy and Qi.

Emotions associated: fear, ungrounded, insecure

Function: important for energy and vitality, organs responsible for reproduction, water metabolism, growth and development

Physical imbalances: frequent urination, lower back pain, knee pain, hearing issues, tinnitus, night sweating, dry mouth, infertility, adrenal fatigue

This is a basic overview of some common emotions that we may all feel from time to time and how their relationship to different organs and physical bodily systems in Chinese Medicine Theory.

The relationship between your emotional state and physical wellbeing is so close and so so important.

Acupuncture is one way to help support both your mind and body and allowing your emotions and organs to work together in a harmonious way. By nourishing, tonifying, clearing and balancing the organs, we can then enhance your emotional state so your mind and body are working as one.

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