To all the women that are trying to conceive, are in the early stages of pregnancy, are already pregnant or have already welcomed your new bub into the world, 

This treatment package can be tailored specifically to you and your needs, wherever you are on your baby bump journey. 

With a focus on emotional support, stress management techniques and hormone balancing. By combining Acupuncture, Massage, Visualisation techniques & Energy healing, this is an amazing treatment for to-be mums & new mums. 

From the beginning of your fertility journey, through your pregnancy or in the 4th trimester, we are here for you! 

Acupuncture- to focus on calming the nervous system and supporting your emotional wellbeing as well as balancing hormones

Relaxation massage- foot, head and neck massage to deeply relax the muscles where the body naturally holds tension

Visualisation Techniques- creating space and calmness throughout your body by guiding you through some techniques to encourage love and light to your womb

Energy healing- supporting your mind and body by promoting healthy energy flow and clearing energy blockages

*This package will also include advice to help support your health goals

1.5 hours- $160

baby bump package